Horizontal Directional Drilling Service

TN Underground Cabling specializes in directional boring and trenching. We have specialty in underground utility installation. The use of directional boring has proven to save time and cost. While preventing unnecessary disruption to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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When businesses or homeowners need to extend their existing utilities or install electrical conduit through heavily congested areas, horizontal directional drilling is usually their best option.

Referred to as “trenchless technology”,  directional drilling utilizes special machines that install underground utilities without impacting the surface area or disrupting traffic flow. Once crews have cleaned up the work location, it will look like they were never there.

Directional drilling technologies help you precisely reach your reservoir’s most productive zone. Regardless of your reservoir environment, TN Undergound Cabling has the optimal suite of integrated directional drilling services to lower your construction costs and boost production in several critical ways.

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